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47 Ranelagh Village

D6 Dublin


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- /10

Description by the editorial board

Dillingers is a restaurant in the Ranelagh area. The food there is American-influenced and can be qualified as generous and full of flavours. The decor there is also American-influenced, it’s modern and stylish and you may feel a bit in New-York.

The menu is composed of Dillinger’s fry, spicy Kenmare crab cakes, Irishman’s omelette with potato, French toast, super nachos (very well-executed), steak ‘n’ eggs, eggs benedict, aged bacon cheese burger, Norwegian eggs, smoked salmon sandwich, pancakes and berries. The menu also includes sides such as French fries, organic salad or Chilli beef. The restaurant proposes to start with a Gin brunch cocktail composed of Gin, orange marmalade, lemon and sugar.